Higher Education Strategy Center

Building The Future
“መጭውን ትውልድ መገንባት”




HESC envisions being the most reliable higher education center of excellence in source of data , policy and strategy proposal generation in East Africa by 2030.

Contributing the quality and relevance of higher education and TVET by initiating policy and strategy proposals based on Research, developing National Strategy, Leadership Capacity building, Formulating National Qualification Framework and serving as a center of reliable data and information.  

  • Excellence
  • Influential
  • Team work
  • Scientific Reasoning
  • Freedom of Expression
  • Sustainable Educational Development.

Higher Education Strategy Center

The Higher Education Strategy Center (HESC) has been established by the Higher Education Proclamation Number 650/2009 for the first time and re-established by the Council of Ministers Regulation 276/2013 as Education Strategy Center. Through this proclamation number the mandate of the center goes to the three sub-sector of the education system. The center was re-established again through the proclamation number 1097/1019 and higher education proclamation number 1152/2019 aiming to enhance science, higher education and TVET through research based strategy and policy formulation

Responsibilities of HESC

Design and develop possible policies and strategies to address policy agendas that are informed by research engagement.

Entrusted to play a significant role in creating the arena for collaboration, communication, and coordination of Universities through national and international partnerships. Information Management: be a center for information

Supporting, education and training institutions to ensure efficient and effective education and training governance,leadership and management.

The center develops proposals on block grant budget allocations to individual public Universities; and monitor implementation of the same

Conducting research that will address problems related to enhancing access to and quality of education and training.

Building The Future

“መጭውን ትውልድ መገንባት”

Thematic Areas

HESC has study centers that focus on data & information ,Policy & strategy Generation, partnership & cooperation, building-leadership-capacity AND research , study and Advise.

Stakeholders and Partners

Higher Education Strategy Center Ethiopia (HESC)