Education Strategy Center Organized Workshop on Modularizing Early Childhood Care and Education Curriculum

Education Strategy Center has organized workshop which was aimed at modularizing and harmonizing the existing four different universities early childhood care and education curriculum. The workshop was held from August 5-7/2016 at Education Strategy Center. Attendees of the workshop include Ambo University, Debre Tabor University,Jigjiga University and Mettu University. All of the participant universities presented their respective university‘s curriculum part by part; such as background of the program, rationale

for the program, objectives of the program, graduate profile of the program, program competencies, admission criteria, graduation requirement, degree nomenclature , list of modules and courses under the modules and so on. After the presentation of each curriculum the participant selected Ambo University’s Curriculum as a model.

Finally, the group comes up in agreement on the three years program and in each semester’s course sequencing. To sum up, the following arrangement were made in the workshop:Developed new courses and module Some courses are rearranged To make the program more practical internship course is developed All universities shared books and teaching materials for the betterment of the ECCE program.

Higher Education Strategy Center Ethiopia (HESC)