Higher Education Strategy Center conducted a semi-annual performance review on January 08, 2013.

During the presentation of the half-year performance of the institute, a list of the activities performed by the institute over the past six months was presented, which detailed the activities and performance, budget utilization as well as hard work and weak works as well as the works that need attention. It is stated that a concept research study has been prepared for the development and management of the higher education in the country. It was also stated that work has been done to ensure that the strategic plans of the institutions are in line with national policies and this is a work that needs to be done in the future. The center also organized a national research symposium in December, and on the same day, a report was presented on the successful committees of the symposium, and the report highlighted the gaps, opportunities, and opportunities. In addition, 12 studies have been submitted to the center and various stakeholders have participated in the event. Dr. Habtamu Teka said the performance of the first half of the year is good and we can work hard to achieve the goal by reviewing the plan for the next six months.

Higher Education Strategy Center Ethiopia (HESC)