About Higher Education Strategy Center

HE Proclamation 1152/2009/Act.no. 88

Without prejudice to other responsibility provided for this HE Proclamation 1152/2019 the Center shall have the powers and duties to:

  1. Prepare national strategy for the development of higher education and institutions;
  2. prepare long-term national plans for development of education and research within the system of higher education;
  1. prepare national proposals to raise the quality of research activities of institutions the qualifications of academic staff and the study programs of institutions;
  1. ensure that institution level planning and strategy are in line with the national higher education macro plan and strategic plan agreements and, upon approval,follow up their implementation;
  1. develop proposals on block grant budget allocation to individual public institutions, and monitor the implementation of the same;
  1. collect, analyze and as appropriate publish and disseminate annual educational, research, financial and other statistical data to institutions;
  1. submit proposal to the ministry on criteria and scheme of rewarding institutions through grant of differentiated development budget, and implement the same upon approval;
  1. ensure that higher education is in line with the overall socio-economic development needs of the country and abreast global trends in orientation and  approaches;
  1. advise the ministry on ways of ensuring efficient higher education governance  leadership and management;
  1. give opinion on higher education reform and development strategy and plan of the country;
  1. foster cooperation among national institutions in its areas of activity, and maintain contacts with institutions of other countries which are in charge of issues   of higher education;
  1. discharge other responsibilities that may be entrusted to it by the establishing law.

The Higher Education Strategy Center (HESC) has been established by the Higher Education Proclamation Number 650/2009 for the first time and re-established by the Council of Ministers Regulation 276/2013 as Education Strategy Center. Through this proclamation number the mandate of the center goes to the three sub-sector of the education system. The center was re-established again through the proclamation number 1097/1019 and higher education proclamation number 1152/2019 aiming to enhance science, higher education and TVET through research based strategy and policy formulation. The center is an autonomous Federal Governmental institution having its own legal personality and shall be accountable to the Ministry of Sciences and Higher Education. HESC is entrusted with the mission of strengthening and enhancing  access, quality and relevance of the country’s education and training system by formulating appropriate policy and developing strategy based on research, serving as a data center for information and building the capacity of higher education leaders and contribute for the socio-economic development of the country.


Habtamu Teka Keba /PhD / General Director

Tesfaye muhiye Endris /PhD/

Deputy General Director of Core Wing

W/ro Kefelech Domboba  Abamo

Deputy General Director of Support & Admin Wing

Higher Education Strategy Center Ethiopia (HESC)